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Introducing Pizarro

is a groovy iPhone arcade strategy game with a smooth, jazzy feel and simple but highly addictive gameplay which makes intelligent use of the touch interface.

Simple, Addictive Gameplay

The objective in each level is to cover 80% of the area by creating expanding circles while avoiding collisions with moving objects. Although the basic gameplay is simple, it is difficult to master and offers virtually endless replayability.

Gameplay gets progressively more difficult as you advance through the levels, demanding more strategic placement of circles while challenging your co-ordination and mastery of the touch screen.

Bluesy, Musical Atmosphere

In addition to its catchy themes, Pizarro integrates blues music into the gameplay itself. Groovy walking bass lines and musical notes played on object collision create a funky, off-kilter atmosphere.


Game Center

Pizarro is fully integrated with Apple Game Center. Post your scores to the leaderboards to share with friends. Try to unlock all 12 achievements by mastering the game mechanics.

Gameplay Video

About Corrino Software

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